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Infrastructure Opportunities

New Infrastructure Bill: 

Congress recently passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. In signing it into law, President Biden agreed that the U.S. should invest in rebuilding the nation’s roads, railroads, and bridges. In addition, this law will work to expand access to clean drinking water and ensure that more Americans have access to the internet. The law will add an average of 1.5 million jobs per year for the next 10 years. Many of these jobs will be within the construction/ infrastructure industry, and a good portion of them will be high paying.

Construction Industry Facts:

In the United States, women make up a mere 14% of executive positions in the construction industry. Construction companies that have women in executive positions have a 25% greater possibility of achieving above average profitability compared to firms without women. Although women clearly play an important role in construction companies, many feel forgotten, unrepresented, and unappreciated. In fact, 8 out of every 10 women say they feel left out at construction company’s social events. 

Engineering Industry Facts: 

Women make up only 15.9% of engineers in the US. This is a significant increase from 1970, when women made up only 3% of the engineering industry. However, women make up 20% of engineering graduates. According to Harvard Business Review, 40% of women with an engineering degree choose another profession or quit. But the average annual pay for a female engineer in the US is $75,130, which is higher than many careers in which women are much more represented.