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Networking and events with accomplished female leaders.

Networking events allow us to connect with industry leaders and female professionals to provide a real idea of what it means to be a buildgirl. This  provides a platform to learn, ask questions and interact with leaders in an informal setting. We believe our networking events are one of the highlights of our program.

These events include zoom interviews, lunch and learns,  meetings, and more where we offer time to connect with people who could educate and engage. Our participants are passionate about the same things as you. This is an amazing opportunity to advance your personal interests and learn about a new dynamic industry.


There are numerous programs available for adults. In contrast is focused on inviting high school girls to expose high schoolers to the opportunities available in ACE. Connecting with professionals after can be equally, if not, more rewarding than listening to them speak.

We will be posting future events and links on this page and the calendar.  Simply doing a call or RSVP to join. This is a great way to get started and learn more.  Networking events help us foster a sense of independence and empowerment, and we are incredibly thankful to all the participating industry leaders and female professionals.