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Minecraft architects – did you know?

All of us are architects, we just didn’t know it. How many hours did you spend creating your own elaborate dream dwellings in Minecraft? 46% of girls ages 3-12 play Minecraft. Could gaming be the key to encouraging more girls to pursue more careers in architecture. 

Minecraft is one of the most used games in the United States. Minecrafts setting “creative mode” allows users to imagine and build spaces they dream of, from a dream home with indoor and outdoor pools to a backyard filled with game fields and sport courts. There’s nothing more satisfying than that feeling of seeing each brick you place turn into a space you would love to live or work in. Not only does minecraft help spark creativity but also allows you to  generate ideas as part of a team with your friends and family. A great resume builder might be to launch a minecraft education competition at your school. Minecraft education challenges are a way to inspire individuals and communities to tackle real world challenges. The minecraft education toolkit provides a guideline for setting up a challenge at your school.