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Connecting with middle school girls and making BUILDGIRLS approachable

Our outreach program provides activities and opportunities for younger girls to get involved in FACE. We do this through a variety of ways including building projects for various construction companies, activities like competitions, and mentorship. Our goal with our outreach is to inspire younger kids in middle school to have fun and learn about FACE. While aiming to commence the next generation of female leaders in infrastructure we have put our efforts into highschoolers but will focus on planting the seed in younger kids too. 

We hope that through our outreach program and initiatives, we make our FACE program something recognizable nationally at a young age – much like STEM has become a national program. We want to make sure girls are presented with opportunities, challenges and are not afraid to pursue this dynamic industry. Through this, we are able to be actively engaged in a field we’re passionate about and give back to communities that have done so much for us.