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A Discovery Day is a short hands on learning experience  that introduces the female student to a certain FACE profession. Discovery Days can be inside a company or organization or at an outside firm to gain hands-on, practical experience in a field of interest.

  1. Get in Contact: You can fill out this form or send us an email!

  2. Learn More: We will send you information on local Discovery Days that can be found in your area or how to initiate a day with local company which includes how to start a chapter, become an ambassador and a list of our initiatives with chapter expectations.

  3. Connect With Us: We will set up a call/meeting with one of our representatives after you finish submitting the forms. We can answer any questions you may have and discuss additional opportunities.

  4. Register on the Website: If interested in becoming an Ambassador / Starting a Chapter, our Website Manager will upload your headshot and bio to “Our Ambassadors” page. We will also add your school to the map on our home page.

  5. Kick it Off: At your chapter, begin planning meetings, programs, and events while working with other ambassadors to create your own initiatives and share new ideas!

Discovery Days are great opportunities for high school females to interact with ACE professionals and learn about careers!